Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin
Possibly the most iconic Sloe Gin cocktail of all time, named after one of the most iconic actors of all time.

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail was created in 1920 at the famous Waldorf-Astoria New York hotel, in honour of the namesake actor at the pinnacle of his career. The Waldorf-Astoria is responsible for some of the best cocktail recipes of all time - and this is no exception. The perfect blend of flavours, sweet-sour-bitter, this interpretation is tweaked for the modern palate to make it more refreshing while retaining it’s fruity essence.

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30ml      Sloe Gin
30ml      Apricot Brandy / Liqueur
30ml      Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)


Garnish    Lemon peel

Ice            Cubes (for shaking)

Glass       Cocktail glass


Equipment Checklist

Hawthorne Strainer      Shaker
Fine Strainer                 Jigger


Recommended Gins

McHenry Old English Sloe Gin


1. Add all your ingredients to the shaker.

2. Fill shaker to the brim with cubes of ice.

3. Shake hard for 30 seconds.

4. Fine strain into an ice-cold cocktail glass.


Bartender’s Top Tips

The classic recipe calls for lime juice, but we think that lemon juice makes a far superior interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin. Lime creates a very sharp note, where lemon makes for a soft, rounded and elegant cocktail. Perfect in every way.

Remember to chill your glass in the freezer for 5 minutes before you fill it, to keep your drink colder and fresher for longer.

Fine straining through a mesh strainer (like a tea strainer), removes all the small ice chips to create a silky smooth texture.

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