Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini
A distinctly savoury twist on the classic Martini, this cocktail introduces a splash of olive brine to the mix, lending umami and depth of flavour.


The Dirty Martini, or something resembling it, dates back to at least 1901, when Martinis featuring muddled olives were served at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. It's thought that American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed these cocktails. 

We recommend using Audemus Spirits' Umami Gin, which counts capers and parmesan amongst its botanicals, and really enhances the savoury qualities of this cocktail!



60ml           Audemus Umami Gin
10ml           Dry Vermouth
5-15ml        Olive brine (to taste)


Dirty Martini Gin Loot

Garnish    Your choice (olives or lemon peel)

Ice           Cubed (for stirring)

Glass       Cocktail glass


Recommended Gins

Audemus Spirits Umami Gin


Equipment Checklist

Mixing Tin / Glass        Bar Spoon



1.    Add choice of ingredients to mixing glass or tin

2.    Fill with cubed ice and stir for 30-60 seconds

3.    Strain into frozen cocktail glass

4.    Garnish with olives on a cocktail stick


Bartender’s Top Tips

Be sure to use olives stored in brine – the ones stored in oil make for a greasy and unpleasant Martini! 

Try a blue-cheese stuffed olive garnish to elevate the umami factor. 

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