Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash
A green and glorious contemporary cocktail.

A verdant modern classic that first reared its head in 2008. The gin was created by Jörg Meyer at Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg. It initially gloried under the name Gin Pesto, before it adopted its more attractive (and less cheese-related) moniker. 

Meyer recommends "muddling" the basil a little before shaking. This is a process of lightly bashing the leaves in the bottom of your shaker. Cocktail kit companies sell pestle-like "muddling sticks" especially for this purpose, but the end of a rolling pin will do. According to Meyer, muddling results in a more vividly green final product. He also states: "better too much than too little" when it comes to basil!

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60ml         Gin
20ml         Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
20ml         Sugar syrup (1 sugar : 1 water)
3-4            Fresh basil leaves



Garnish       Basil sprig

Ice               Cubes

Glass           Old fashioned tumbler


Equipment Checklist

Hawthorne Strainer         Shaker
Fine Strainer                    Jigger


Recommended Gins

Stoneflow Bushwillow Gin


1. Add all your ingredients to the shaker.

2. Fill shaker to the brim with cubes of ice.

4. Shake hard for 30 seconds.

5. Fine strain over ice into an ice-cold old fashioned tumbler glass.


Bartender’s Top Tips

Remember to chill your glass in the freezer for 5 minutes before you fill it, to keep your drink colder and fresher for longer.

Fine straining through a mesh strainer (like a tea strainer), removes all the small chips of ice and bits of basil to create a silky smooth texture.

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