1930s Cosmopolitan

1930s Cosmopolitan
Learn how to make the perfect gin version of a Cosmopolitan cocktail at home.

Many people think of the Cosmopolitan as a citrus flavoured vodka cocktail... but in reality it isn't! The first written reference to the Cosmopolitan cocktail was actually in the 1934 book, 'Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars' featuring gin. Learn how to make the original and the best version of the Cosmopolitan with the recipe from our experts below.

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45ml        Gin
20ml        Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
10ml        Cointreau or triple sec
10ml        Sugar syrup (1 part sugar : 1 part water)
2-3           Fresh raspberries


Garnish    Orange peel

Ice            Cubed (for shaking)

Glass       Cocktail glass


Equipment Checklist

Shaker            Hawthorne Strainer
Jigger             Fine Strainer


Recommended Gins

Malfy Con Limone


1.    Add all ingredients to shaker

2.    Fill shaker with cubed ice

3.    Seal shaker and shake firmly for 20 seconds

4.    Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

5.     Garnish with orange peel


Bartender’s Top Tips

Strain with both a regular strainer and a fine strainer to remove ice chips and create a silky smooth texture.

Pre-chill glass in the freezer for 5 minutes to have a colder drink for longer

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