About us

The Story Behind Gin Loot


From the creators of Whisky Loot, Australia’s most loveable whisky subscription experience, Gin Loot launches to bring you an experience of a lifetime!

At the end of the day it’s all about discovering new and interesting taste sensations from around the World.

The Gin Loot experience takes you on a monthly adventure of learning through tasting. We’re talking about all types of Gins; classic Gins & New-World Gins, from how Gin is produced, to crafting perfect Martini.

Whether your relationship with Gin is a throwback to a classic G&T, or you’re an avid explorer of Juniper-heavy aromas. We'll walk you through the story of Gin’s extraordinary complexity and depth, in this second Golden Age of Gin.

Explore a globe-spanning monthly selection of inspired Gins.

The evolution continues...

With the overwhelming success of Whisky Loot, it was evident that spirit lovers around Australia were crying out for an easy way to learn more about their favourite drink while tasting it. 

As the experience has evolved, todays subscribers receive an curated monthly selection plus expert tasting notes & videos to learn along with. 

The Design

Guided by the original core values that propelled Whisky Loot, our Gin subscription has some familiar themes and exciting new additions.

At Gin Loot, we know that every aspect of your purchase plays a part in the experience of enjoying Gin and we are passionate about breaking down the barriers and bringing Gin into the twenty-first century.

Our bespoke presentation boxes and custom-designed glassware have been created to guide you from one taste to the next in your own time and at your own pace.

Our team of Gin experts have created tasting notes to accompany each box we deliver, helping you to understand and appreciate the aroma & taste, plus recipe cards to make some tasty drinks.

Our Goal

We aim to gently guide you on a tasting journey through the varied and complex world of Gin in the comfort of your home every month.

Our ambition is to make you as passionate about Gin as we are. It’s a big ask. But we are confident that Gin Loot can help you to love Gin every bit as much as us.

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